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Norfab Corporation manufactures textile products using synthetic fibers for high temperatures and personal protection. These items include broad woven roll goods and narrow products in tape, rope, gasketing and other forms. Norfab also produces specialty yarns used in the gasket, wire & cable industries.

Our textiles use Kevlar®, Nomex®, Twaron®, Basofil®, Kynol®, Oxidized Pan Fiber, Lenzing FR® and other technical fibers blended into yarns which provide high levels of unique heat protection.

Norfab developed the OMNI line, a special line of Basofil blend fabrics for firefighters. The full line of OMNI products have become an important factor for the front line men and women who put themselves in harms way to protect them and keep them safe while they protect life and property.

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U/L Certification

Received U/L certification for Norfab's Proximity Fire Fighting fabric, style 05WKRS7-60"-AL7 

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