NF Arc

NOR*FAB NF ArcTM  4.9oz. Woven Fabric 

Style 05PT339-62

A novel lightweight dimensionally stable woven fabric composed of an optimal blend of Para-aramid, OPF, and Novoloid fibers. This fabric has a proven track record as the outer shell in 40 cal and 46 cal electric arc (NFPA 70E PPE LEVEL 4) garments. When matched with our Lightweight OMNI Quilt Liners, will make the lightest weight garments in the industry for PPE Level 4 protection. 


100% inherent flame resistance that will never wash out or wear out

Fabric Style



In combination with OMNI Quilt liner styles 06NMB1MA1 or 06NFC1MA1, complies with and exceeds NFPA  70E PPE Level 4

Base Fabric

Para-Aramid, OPF, Novoloid (Phenolic)

Available Colors

Light Green

Weave Style

Plain Weave

Fabric Weight oz./yd² (g/m²)

5.0 (170)

Fabric Thickness inches (mm)

0.013 (0.33)

Warp Strength grab method, lbs (kg)

200 (90)

Fill Strength grab method, lbs (kg).

65 (30)

Trapezoidal Tear Strength lbs. (kg), warp x fill

20 x 8 (9 x 4)

Arc Thermal Performance Value (ATPV) cal./cm²

ATPV 40            ATPV 46

Heat Attenuation Factor (HAF)

93%                  95%

Heat, Char Resistance

Passes              Passes


PPE Level 4      PPE Level 4

Fabric Finish Number

62-Water Softened

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Example: 05PT339-62 and 06NFC1MA1 (PB1)

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