NF Arc

A Norfab woven 6 oz/yd² "light weight" dimensionally stable novel fabric composed of Para-Aramid, OPF, and Novoloid (Phenolic) fibers. Excellent for Electric Arc Protective garments; when matched with our lightweight Omni Quilt liner (7.0 oz/yd² and 10.0 oz/yd²), will make the lightest weight garments in the industry for 57 Cal/cm² and 74 cal/cm² protection respectively.

Fabric Style



Complies with NFPA 70E*

Base Fabric

Para-Aramid, OPF, Novoloid (Phenolic)

Available Colors

Light Green

Weave Style

Plain Weave

Fabric Weight oz./yd² (g/m²)

6.0 (200)

Fabric Thickness inches (mm)

0.019 (0.48)

Warp Strength grab method, lbs (kg)

220 (99)

Fill Strength grab method, lbs (kg).

75 (34)

Trapezoidal Tear Strength lbs. (kg), warp x fill

20 x 12 (9 x 5)

Arc Thermal Performance Value (ATPV) cal./cm²

57.3 Cal/cm² (w/ 07OQ2PB-1)

74.4 Cal/cm² (w/ 10OQ3PB-1)

Heat Attenuation Factor (HAF)

94.6% (13.0 oz) and 96.2 (16.0 oz)

Heat, Char Resistance



Level 4

Fabric Finish Number

62-Water Softened

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Example: 06PT329-60"-62 and 07OQ2PB-1

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