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A Norfab knit light weight fabric of 17% Melamine, 83% Para-Aramid, aluminum laminate 1 side. The principal application is Proximity Fire Fighting. May also be excellent for radiant heat and molten metal splash protection in industrial garments.

NF Arc & OMNI Quilt

This brochure details the unique fabric ensemble that is used to manufacture the lightest weight garments in the industry for 40 cal (PPE Level 4) protection.


Norfab ArcWeld® fabric combines the strength, high thermal capability, and durability of Teijin Twaron® with the comfort and moisture management of Lenzing FR® that will maximize the value of your inherently FR protective garment investment.

CutPro® Natural

Norfab's new CutPro® Natural line of fabrics employ unique Norfab yarn designs that combine the strength, high thermal capability, cut resistance and durability of DuPont™ Kevlar® with the hardness of fiberglass.

CHOICE® Aluminized Fabrics

The CHOICE® line of aluminized fabrics meets and exceeds all the key protection standards typically associated with the use of aluminized fabrics for reflection of radiant heat and the shedding of molten metals.

DREF Spun Yarns

Yarn with a stainless steel wire core and Para-aramid wrap.

Norfab Woven Sleeving

NOR· FAB Woven Sleeving is manufactured in two styles. The Series 400 sleeving is para-aramid fibers over fiberglass core yarn. Series 1200 is produced using a combination of PBI fiber and cardable glass fibers spun over a fiberglass core yarn.

Norfab Series 400 Tape

NOR· FAB Series 400 Tapes are carefully woven and sized using para-aramid fiber blends over a fiberglass core yarn.